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Our Premier Product:                            The Bullet/Explosion/Shatterproof Glass Laminate - Installed on Vehicles, Buildings and anything with glasses windows or doors that needs protection

Once the laminate is installed on vehicles or building window/door glasses, occupants are guaranteed protection against:

* Stray Bullets
* Bomb Explosion Mitigations
* Traffic Hold-up Robbery/Kidnapping
* Mob/Rioters Attack
* Stone Throwing
* Earthquakes etc

Product Can Be Installed On:

* Existing or New Buildings
* All types of Vehicles
* Airport Towers
* Ship
* Military Facilities etc


* Low cost compared with similar high-powered protective products (price start from N15500 per sqm)

* Provides high protection against stray bullets, bomb mitigation, man-made and natural attacks on your vehicle/building window/door glasses

* No need for renovation. Can be installed on existing or new glasses

* Long lasting. Product guaranteed to last for a minimum of 30 years after installation

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