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International Center for Nonverbal Intelligence Studies
  Center for the study of Nonverbal Communication, Analytic Interviewing, Behavioral Analysis, Open-source Intelligence, Digital Forensics Investigations, Negotiation, Conflict Management, intelligence operations and analysis

Our training services

Armourcop Security Group through its training division; International Center for Nonverbal Intelligence Studies offers many training opportunities in a variety of formats to suit your learning style. We currently offer web-based and instructor-led classes. The CHLD.X and IAA courses and classes are both open to law-enforcement and Intelligence officers as well as to corporate security personnel and the general public. (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Please see the list of courses and classes below. Click on any course to learn more and to register. You can also click here to access our free library materials on intelligence Studies, Counter-terrorism, Cyber-warefare and Security

*   Nonverbal Intelligence ( Human Lie Detection)

*  Analytic Interviewing Techniques

*  Behavioral Analysis

*  Digital Forensics Investigations

* Introduction to Intelligence

* Basic Intelligence Analysis

* Intermediate Intelligence Analysis

* Advanced Intelligence Analysis

* Open-source Intelligence Operations

* Analytic Thinking, Methods and Skills for Intelligence Producers

* Cyber Warefare, Survelliance and Security

* Anti-Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

* Peace and Humanitarian Operations

* Negotiation, Peacebuilding and Conflict Management

* Analysts Tool Box and Resourses

* Advanced Private Security Guard and Management

* Bomb and Shatter-proof Glass Laminate Installation

Please contact us at:
[email protected], [email protected] or visit our training website at: www.intelligenceacademy.us or call: 08029411431 (training inquiries only), 08132400150 for details summary of the listed courses above